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What makes Learning Designs different?

Learning Designs stands out from other tutoring companies for many reasons. Firstly, our tutors are highly qualified specialists in their subjects. Second, our flexible scheduling and location options make tutoring accessible in a busy world packed with activities. Third, our tutors focus on developing a trusting relationship with their pupils where students feel safe to try, make mistakes, and ask for help. Lastly, we do more than help our students memorize information to pass another test- we teach our students *how* to learn, so they can continue to grow and excel through their entire academic career and beyond. Our students are curious, creative, love to learn, and never stop pursing knowledge.

Do you work with homeschool families and co-ops?

Yes! We love to fully support students however they are recieving their education. We are well versed in a variety of teaching techniques not commonly used in public schools and know that sometimes having an expert to explain things a little different can help things "click"!

My child isn't failing, is a tutor still useful?

Yes! After distance learning most students are feeling a little behind in one way or another. A tutor can help them feel more confident and get solid footing on material they may not have understood fully before. Additionally, with teacher shortages class sizes are growing to a ratio that makes one-on-one assistance almost impossible. A tutor helps to give your child that focused attention that can make new concepts easier to learn and master. Our tutors are also versed in identifying learning issues and disabilities that might otherwise be missed in a traditional classroom setting.

Do you have experience working with special needs and disabilities?

Yes! Founder and Owner Karen Olsted actually has her Masters in Special Education and works as a special education teacher. Many of our tutors also have experience with a variety of disabilities from ASD to ADHD to dyslexia and more. Your student will always be paired with a tutor who has the expereince to navigate their particular challenges and needs in the most effective and evidence backed approaches.

What is an informal educational assessment?

Learning Designs founder and owner Karen Olsted is versed in performing assessments of ability level and screening for potential learning disabilities. As of right now, these screenings are more a guide to narrow down the root of the issue and help direct next steps than an official diagnosis. They can't be used to grant an IEP, but they can be used to prompt further evaluation and help.

Where does tutoring take place?

The great thing about our services is that we meet you wherever is most convenient for you. This could be a coffee shop, a library, your home, or even virtually.

What are some of your unique specialties?

We have a variety of unique specialities and methods among our tutors. These include Orton Gillingham method, Singapore math, multiple languages, advanced math, our own Brain Lab study skills course, and ACT/SAT prep

How do you choose your tutors?

We take extreme care in choosing the tutors we work with. Our tutors have a variety of qualifications, ranging from years of teaching expereince to doctorates to law expereince! Many are fluent in multiple languages and hold an impressive amount of certifications and continuing education credits. We make sure our tutors are not only highly skilled, but also adaptable, kind, patient, and accepting so they can build a trusting relationship with their students to help them unlock their acameic superpowers!

What is your Brain Lab study skills course?

We identify specific learning styles and build study skills around them. We can do specific session targeted at this, or incorporate these methods into regular lessons.

What ages do you work with?

We take students of all ages, K-12, and older students with disabilities still completing high school level curriculum.

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