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Kind Words from Happy Clients

“Our daughter was struggling in math so we decided to use the same tutor her brother used and now she is at the top of her class in math!”


— Laurie M.

Karen was there for our daughter Megan when she was unable to attend school full time while recovering from a serious illness.  Karen's tutoring allowed Megan to keep up with her schoolwork and her class.  Not sure where we would be without her.
Thanks Karen! -Greg N

Heading 1

Our son was extremely anxious and very overwhelmed at school as he struggled with math.  We decided to find a tutor and were willing to go just about anywhere to find the right person.  When we found Karen we had no idea how much he would she would mean to our son and family.  Our son not only loves his tutor sessions, but has started to love math again!  Our son starts Spanish in the fall and we are thinking of adding another session with Karen based on how much he loves math now!
-Laurie S

Karen with Learn Designs has given our 1st grader the confidence to attack reading with the love of reading he has always had.  Because of circumstances he couldn't control, our first grader got behind in developing his reading skills.  That was beginning to transcend to other areas in school and due to limited resources at his school, we sought the help of Learning Designs.  In just 7 sessions so far, he has leaped and soared into the world of reading.  The relationship he has developed with Karen has been pivotal for him and her consistent, positive reinforcement sends him home to us with a smile and further confidence in reading.  He'll be reading at 2nd grade level in no time!  Thank you Karen and Learning Designs! -Tim & Kelly H

Dear Learning Designs, 

Thank you for all you have done for our daughter! She went from hating math to being the star student this month! We have seen a total transformation and are eternally grateful" -Sally P

Dear Karen, 

Thank you for all you do! I love spending time with you! -June

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