"Karen and Chris were wonderful to work with.  They were both very in tune with my child’s specific needs and also knew when it was time for him to fly on his own.  They supported our child from grade school through middle school years and he is now in high school with a skill set and foundation to achieve solid academic work on his own.  Thank you Learning Designs for keeping the stress of a student who was struggling in school manageable. "       -Rhonda B.


“ I see how students at Learning Designs react to the tutors and the environment, and I can tell it's a really special little business. There's so many resources available, from reading books to math and language games to focusing and sensory tools to every grade-and-subject-specific workbook you could ever imagine, and the energy is all about figuring out what works for each individual student, and helping them succeed. The tutors really get to know their students, and the students leave the sessions feeling accomplished and happy. Everyone here wants learning to be fun!”

Rose Thayer



“Dylan's tutor, Chris,  was a valuable asset to him as he learned calculus. He gave Dylan confidence and skills that helped him succeed in his Senior year of high school..”

Robin S.



“Learning Designs has been a team member in our son’s education. They offer personalized support that both strengthens skills and builds overall confidence”

Jennifer S.


“Our son started with Learning Designs in 5th grade for math, he’s now in 12th grade and is taking honors math because of the tutors at Learning Designs!”

-Brian S

“Our son has specific learning disabilities and Learning Designs was able to support his individual needs and help him to thrive!  Now he is so confident he loves to learn and go to Learning Designs!”

-Mari-Ann W.  

“Our daughter was struggling in math so we decided to use the same tutor her brother used and now she is at the top of her class in math!”

— Laurie M.


“We have been working with Karen for 1 school year and it's been a fantastic experience.  She quickly learned my daughter's strengths and areas where she was struggling.  My daughter absolutely loves going and she says it's not because of the candy treats.  She enjoys the fun math games that Karen creates and feels more confident with the strategies Karen has taught her. The best part is that these strategies are skills my daughter can use for math as well as other subjects in school.   My husband and I struggled every night with our daughter's math homework.. mostly because she never wanted to learn from us.  But, she will now come home after her tutor and recreate the games that she learned from Karen.  Learning Designs has completely changed our daughter's motivation for Math and has made it possible for us as parents to work with her in a positive way.”

Cindy H.


“Fantastic local business! My kids have been going to Learning Designs for Spanish tutoring, and they are learning so much in just one hour a week. They are motivated and eager to attend their session each week.
Excellent option if you need experienced tutoring without having to empty your wallet at one of the national chain testing centers.”



“My daughter is in community college and has learning disabilities. Faced with a semester with four papers I knew we were going to need some help. A business person in the Linden Hills area suggested we check with Learning Designs as he knew Karen and thought she might be able to help us. I was actually doubtful since so many tutor businesses cater only to ACT and not helping students after high school. I contacted Karen as well as two other tutors and decided to go with Learning Designs. Karen put us in touch with the perfect person to work with my daughter and the result was four papers each with a grade of A. Karen matched my daughter to the perfect tutor. It saved the semester. Karen is responsive to each student's needs and the building in Linden Hills provides a very nice environment for the sessions. I highly recommend Learning Designs.”

Kathleen D.