Our Subjects


Reading is fundamental to learning in all subjects.  We can provide Orton Gillingham or Barton instruction for phonics, or find ways to make fluency fun.  For students in third grade and above we work on reading comprehension so reading for content is secure for the upper grades.  


At Learning Designs we love math!  We are trained in Singapore Math and use games and activities to reenforce concepts.  For grades 6 and up we have a math specialist who is up to date on the current school curriculum.  

Special Needs

Learning disabilities are an opportunity to develop new strategies for success.  We are trained in, and can handle, executive function challenges and learning disabilities.  Our individualized instruction is especially helpful for these students who need specific academic needs targeted and developed.  

Study Skills

Brain Lab is our signature class for students to enhance their study skills knowledge and learn about themselves and their best learning styles.  Skills to add to their personal study skills tool box include organization,  reading skills, writing skills, math skills and test prep skills


After independently taking a practice test, students participate in a four week test prep intensive.  If more instruction is needed one of our math, science or english specialists are available for further study.