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At Learning Designs, we love math! Our math specialists can help your child with everything from division and multiplication to calculus! We are trained in techniques such as Singapore math, using games to teach skills, and more! Math doesn't have to be scary or hard, in fact, we make it as simple as 2 + 2!


Our Spanish language specialists can help your child master concepts like conjugation, spelling, pronunciation, and grammar. Learning a second language is challenging but can have many life enhancing and career changing benefits, in addition to enhancing their ability to learn other subjects! Your child can become a confident, proficient Spanish speaker.


From the earliest readers to high schoolers, we can help with reading skills like speed and comprehension. We are trained in Orton Gillingham and Barton methods and can work with students who have dyslexia and other literacy challenges. Every student should be able to enjoy the fun of reading and all the doors it opens- we help make that happen!


Biology or chemistry feeling like, well, rocket science? We have you covered. We can handle all levels through high school and help make topics like DNA, the periodic table, protons and neutrons, and cell components make perfect sense!






From spelling to essays, our tutors can handle it all. We teach creative and professional writing techniques, editing skills, and help your student become an eloquent and dynamic writer. 

study and organizational skills

We know how paramount foundational skills in organization and how to study effectively and efficiently, so we created our own Brain Lab curriculum to help train our students. We teach them how to learn, so they can implement those skills in everything they take on for the rest of their lives!

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