Meet Karen!

Karen Ostlund is the owner of Learning Designs Learning Center, her passion and contribution to the communities she lives in. She has been working in the educational field for her whole career, and holds a Masters of Special Education.  Karen currently works as a Special Education Teacher in her hometown and manages the Isanti location of Learning Designs.


Karen is married, has three children and enjoys living the rural life.  

Meet Alyssa!

Alyssa Ford is an Academic Coach here at Learning Designs! She has her bachelor's in psychology and Russian, which she speaks fluently!  She teaches from a team approach, wanting to make sure her students feel heard, whether they need a break or help with comprehension. She loves getting to know each individual students' learning style and getting to know them as people. In fact, her superpower is being able to find common interest and connect with everyone! In her free time she likes to hike, paint, read, and play DnD. 

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MEET Ms. HAwley

Carrie Hawley is a tutor out of our Isanti branch. She loves the uniqueness of each student and watching them learn to problem solve and puzzle their way to a solution. Her teaching style is positive and relational. She gets to know her students and helps them use their strengths to bolster their weaknesses. Her natural love of curiosity and encouraging other led her to education, where she has worked for over 20 years. She's been with the Isanti Cambridge School District for 16 years, much of which has involved working in special education. Even today she is still pursing more education for herself while guiding students. In her free time, she loves to garden, quilt, and play music. She can play piano, cello, violin, and guitar! She currently learning flute, kalimba, and ukulele. Her superpower is getting kids to use their brains, stretch their thinking, and believe in themselves!

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Dustin's favorite part of tutoring is watching a student's "aha" moments. He is warm and relational with students but maintains high expectations of them. Influential teachers in his own life let him to his interest in education, so he knows the value of an amazing teacher in a student's life. He holds a Master's in Education as well as a life sciences and chemistry teaching certificate. He is a lefty, and his superpower is his kindness! In his free time, he is on the Twin Cities River Rats team as a water skier!

Meet Dustin!

Baily Zanish is a Literacy Specialist with Learning Designs. She is knowledgeable in many styles of teaching including Orton Gillingham Method. She holds a Master's in Literacy and a K-12 reading certificate. Growing up, her grandma owned a preschool, and she spent a lot of her time helping her teach. She couldn't wait to follow in her grandmother's footsteps! She takes an interactive approach to teaching and loves to see how kids think and make connections while they are learning. In her spare time you can find her crafting, thrifting, playing with her cat or practicing graphic design. Her super power is being able to connect with students and make learning fun for them!

Meet Mrs. Zanish!

Meet Mr. Kevin!

Kevin Quail is a College Prep Specialist and Academic Coach with Learning Designs. He has multiple certifications in special education (HI, DC, Board Certification in Special Education), ESL/TEFL certification, BS Psychology, and Post Baccalaureate in Special Education. He is incredibly well traveled, having visited over 25 countries! He describes his learning style as 'listen to, learn with' because the best learning happens through mutual respect and trust. He was brought to education by people who encouraged him to use his learning and communication skills to serve society, and now he enjoys bearing witness to student successes. His superpower is anticipating the needs of others! He offers his services virtually.

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Meet Sara!

Sara Logan describes her teaching style as eclectic and holistic. She focuses on developing a relationship with students and helping them grow as human beings and as learners, rather than emphasizing grades and test scores. Shes always loved teaching- it gives her the opportunity to keep learning every day herself! She holds a BA in liberal arts and a MSEd, plus over 20 years' experience as a teacher and tutor. In her free time, she loves to read, take her very loud dog for walks, hang out with her family, and watch theater. A fun fact- she went to Russia as an exchange student 3 days before the Soviet Union collapsed! Her superpower is being able to make a story about any topic whatsoever. 

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Meet alex!

Alex describes himself as an intuitive teacher. He can switch things up to meet the needs of the students. He was inspired to teach because of all the incredible educators in his childhood who helped to make the transitions of his 17 different moves as easy as possible. Without the support of those teachers, life would've been unmanageable. He hopes to now provide that same support to his students. Alex holds a Master's in special education with licenses in SLD and EBD. He loves to garden and is a marathon runner. He also loves to be outside and active, even in the winter months. He lived in Belize for 3 years, and is a master in adaptability.